“As a fitness instructor, artist, and Certified Health Coach, my goal is to help you achieve a well-rounded approach towards physical, emotional, and spiritual health.”

Welcome to Nicole’s Wellness! Born and raised on the West Coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, I am a certified PraiseMoves fitness instructor, driftwood and watercolour artist, nature and animal-lover, and a Certified Health Coach through the Biblical Health Coach Institute!

I embarked on my own health journey 6 years ago, after having to leave a life of pre-professional classical ballet due to severe injuries and stress.  I was diagnosed with “chronic pain syndrome”, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and a dozen other health issues. I spent years hitting dead-ends and going around in circles with medications, appointments, and depression.   I started to finally heal through a more natural approach that looked at well-being as mental, emotional, and physical together. Through light exercise, many walks in the forest, a natural diet, hydration, vital nutrients, being able to reconnect with friends and community, stress management, art and music therapy, poetry, and many more ways, I was able to recover and become the healthiest that I have ever been!

Near the end of my recovery, after trying yoga and tai-chi, I realized that they did not align with my beliefs as a Christian.  I researched “a Christian alternative to Yoga” and found PraiseMoves! Not long afterwards, I became a CPI (Certified PraiseMoves Instructor), and attended the 11th Annual PraiseMoves Conference, where I was honored to receive the PraiseMoves “Rookie of the Year award.” I have also received my certifications in PraiseWaves for teaching aquatic fitness, PraiseMoves Gold for teaching the elderly and less mobile, Mira! dance fitness, and L.I.F.T. an exciting new program which stands for Laughter in Fitness Training. I am now teaching online PraiseMoves classes to be able to reach more people looking for a Yoga alternative. I passionately believe, from my own health journey and the stories of those I know, that one must look at themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually as a whole, or holistically, to achieve optimal health and wellbeing!

Nicole K. Buree


“For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”
1 Cor. 6:20