Frequently asked questions

How is PraiseMoves different from Yoga?

Can there be "Christian Yoga"? The short answer is no, as that would be the same as a "Christian Buddhist" or a "Christian Hindu". PraiseMoves is not yoga. Yoga is a "mystic (spiritual) ascetic (austere or strict) Hindu discipline for achieving union with the supreme spirit through prescribed postures, breathing and meditation techniques." (Webster's dictionary) The term Yoga actually means union with God, or "to yoke". One goal defines all systems of yoga: the goal of obtaining oneness with the Universe or Universal Mind (new age ideology), known as "Brahman" in Hinduism, and as the state of "nirvana" in Buddhism. Differences between Yoga and Praisemoves: -Yoga poses are offerings to 330 million Hindu "gods", while the Word of God is our foundation, and exercise comes with that! -Yoga aims at achieving serenity, spiritual numbing, while PraiseMoves aims at experiencing true peace through Christ and His Word! -Yoga focuses on the self and the universe, while PraiseMoves focuses on the Lord and who we are in Christ as believers and His followers. -Yoga focuses on "perfecting my practice", while we focus on worshipping the Lord! (John 4:23, 6:63, 17:17) -Yoga empties the mind while PraiseMoves renews the mind, transforming us! (Romans 12:1-2) As Christians, we are representatives of our faith! Others will follow what we do, and yoga is a slippery slope, even for mature Christians. For more information, check out:

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level to take a class?

We are all at different levels in our fitness journeys! While I am currently teaching PraiseMoves classes for a broad age range and varying fitness levels, I plan on teaching PraiseMoves Gold classes, for seniors and people with limited mobility in the future! If any section or posture in the class is pushing you a bit too far physically at where you are in your personal fitness journey, you are always welcome to watch and learn, and work up to being able to do it. However, I will introduce different variations for the different postures so that everyone will be able to do each one, along with repeating the scriptures. I'm here to help you! If you have any questions or concerns before signing up for a class, please don't hesitate to message or e-mail me!

What if I'm recovering from an injury or health concern?

Not to worry! I have been there as well, and that's why I love how PraiseMoves is designed to be flexible and adaptable, with multiple variations for each posture! Let me know in an e-mail, message me, or fill out the Health Waiver. I look forward to working alongside you with any health concerns you may have!

How long is an average PraiseMoves/Mira! class, and what does it include?

Here is a general outline of a 60 min online PraiseMoves + Mira! class: -welcome to new students/ brief intro about my own PraiseMoves journey: ~5 min. -opening prayer -Mira! warm-up: An upbeat, cardio-filled dance warm up for all levels! Iincluding styles inspired by hip-hop, salsa and cha-cha, but with scripture! -Deep Diaphraphmatic Breathing tutorial + practice: ~5 min. -About 8 standing/floor (or seated) strengthening and balancing postures, with a PraiseMoves Alphabetics posture, to use in a Scripture Sequence: ~20 min. -Scripture Sequence (a sequence of postures moving to a section of scripture): ~5 min. -"What Would Jesus Do WWJD" rest + stretch with short devo, and "beautiful feet" stretches: ~10 min. -closing prayer, with prayer requests (students are welcome to stay after class for a few minutes to learn about a weekly wellness tip/ be part of a weekly challenge!)

Is there a minimum or max age to join a class?

In general, no there isn't! While there are PraiseMoves Kids and PraiseMoves Gold, designed specifially for seniors and people with limited mobility, my online PraiseMoves classes are designed with a broad age range in mind. You can also refer to the waiver documents and submit a comment to myself before a class (or e-mail me at if you have any mecical concerns or physical limitations, and I will be happy to accoodate your needs!

What platform will I need to be able to join an online class?

You will receive a Zoom link prior to your class you've signed up for, with reminder details. You will not need to install anything on your computer.

What can I hope to achieve from taking PraiseMoves classes?

My hope and prayer for you, is that you will leave our PraiseMoves classes feeling uplifted, physically, spiritually and emotionally! As PraiseMoves instructors, we seek to build community among believers, help lead non-believers to Christ, and be good stewards of our bodies! 1 Cor 6:20 states, "for you were brought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." Amen!

What do I need to "bring" to an online class?

Wear comfortable fitness wear, but preferably not too loose so that as your instructor I can make sure your body alignment and postures are correct! Please avoid short shorts and check cleavage beforehand. You can either wear indoor runners for the Walkin' Wisdom Warm-ups portion of the class, or bare feet on your fitness mat, which is also recommended for the posture and relaxation segments of the class. Also, I recommend tying hair back, so that its not in the way doing postures. Also bring a water bottle! Bring: -make sure you have a webcam and speakers working on your computer/laptop! -runners (optional) -fitness mat -water bottle -a smile! :)

What time-zone are the classes in?

Our PraiseMoves online classes are in Pacific Standard Time PST (Vancouver time). (Which switches to Pacific Daylight Time PDT in the Spring.)