New: PraiseMoves Gold Classes!

I'm so excited to be starting online PraiseMoves Gold classes, for seniors and those with limited mobility. These classes are adapted for postures to be done seated in a chair, standing and holding onto a chair for extra balance, or with some posture variations for those who can kneel or sit on the floor. I'll accomodate any concerns you may have, as we do a fun, faith-filled workout together in community!

Fridays from 11:30 am -12:30 am PST. (2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern Time) Your first class is free with the coupon code FREEFORFALL. To sign up for a class, click on the Classes tab, and go to Fridays on the class calendar. You only need a computer/laptop with a webcam, a sturdy chair, and comfortable fitness clothing.

With relaxing instrumental music, a warm-up, strentching and strengthening postures, a flowing Scripture Sequence, prayer, and relaxation time. So help your senior parents and grandparents sign up, it'll be a "blessed blast!"

"Physically, yoga is considerd by many doctors, chiropractors and phsyical therapists to be a tool for cmbating the effects of aging. With PraiseMoves Gold, we hope to offer our seniors and those with limited physical mobility a way to regain strength, flexibility and balance - without compromising their faith - and thus reduce many of their health concerns."

-Nola Jeanne Baird, creator of PraiseMoves Gold

The Benefits of PraiseMoves Gold:

1. Improves balance, thus reducing the risk of falls

2. Improves immune function

3. Helps improve circulation

4. Assists in weight loss

5. Helps alleviate stress

6. Incorporates full-body sretching

7. Helps injuries to heal

8. Decreases osteoporisis by strengthening bones & posture muscles

9. Reduces hypertension by decreasing blood pressure, the effects of cholesterol, and triglycerides

10. Helps reduce chronic pain and arthritis symptoms

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