Weekly Wellness Challenge #2: Welcoming Fall and Winter!

This week in my PraiseMoves online classes, my students and I shared ideas of how to welcome the Fall and Winter season into our homes! As Summer has come to an end, we all need pick-me-ups and positivity in our home envionments to keep us going through the colder months. Every year I fall in love with Fall and it's beautiful scents and colours! Here's a list of my favourite cozy home ideas for Fall and Winter:

  1. Hang fairy lights around doors, as a headboard, or on bookshelves! ($6.00 from a dollar store)

2. Make a DIY festive Fall wreath! ($13 from dollar store materials)

3. Have soy or beeswax candles around the home to light during meals or reading time (candles that leave a black residue on the candle holder are actually emitting hazardous chemicals.)

4. Fill your home with Fall essential oils in a diffuser and spices, including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger and pumpkin! (I love DoTerra's pure essential oils)

5. Use Himalayan salts lamps for cozy, warm lighting, nightlamps, and to purify the air.

6. Bring nature inside with driftwood candle holders, hollowed out birch bark, pinecone garlands, painted seashells, trailing plants...

7. Use mirror markers to write thanksgiving verses, Fall quotes around the house.

8. Use textiles like macrame, fluffy pillows, placemats, and leaf coloured rugs...

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