Weekly Wellness Challenge #3: 'Things You Love' List

This week, I challenged my online PraiseMoves students to write their own "List of Things They Love!" Be creative, use all your senses of smell, sight, touch, sound, taste... Think of places, people, passions, nature, hobbies, etc. You might learn something new about yourself, or find a common interest with someone else also writing one! I've found this to be a fun, relaxing and therapeutic self-discovery exercise, and one that is very positive during hard times. Seeing the big picture, and not just focusing on our struggles in the moment.

Some of mine are:

-street lamps shining on raindrops

-finding new animal species

-butterfly conservatories

-leaves changing colour in autumn

-feeding tortoises dandelions

-blue skies and fluffy clouds

-nostalgic shows with family

-curious harbor seals

-Komorebi (sunlight through the trees)

-drying and saving flowers

-contagious laughter and smiles!


-mermaiding in lakes and the sea

-dirt roads

-hippie vibes

-feeling freedom...

-birds chirping in the morning

-the smell of fresh coffee

-the first snowfall

-sea storms

-old barns

-adventure novels

-my hubby


-writing poetry

-the scent of rain


-ballroom dancing


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