Weekly Wellness Challenge #6: Mindful Eating This Season

As it's the start of winter, the temptations are everywhere... grabbing a hot mocha while out shopping, eating more chocolates that you received as a gift, trying delicious desserts, or eating bigger comfort food meals. These things aren't detrimental, if had in moderation and with mindfulness!

Here are a few handy tips we can all use to help stay mindful during this season of desserts, hot drinks and big meals!

1. Think "Why am I eating this right now?" Is it because a) I'm bored? b) I'm munching on snacks while doing things and don't realize it? c) Or I'm actually hungry and my body needs fuel?

2. Have a "Mindful eating cushion". It's simple! Have a spot near the kitchen where you can purposely sit down and think for a few seconds, "Am I actually hungry? What is my body trying to tell me?" "Can I save some of this yummy food in the fridge for later?"

3. Don't drink all of your calories: Limit yourself and stay accountable with a friend. i.e. only have a special hot drink (other than tea) once a week. And green tea is super healthy and full of antioxidants!

4. Find healthy treats you love! There are so many options for healthy treats that are also great for fueling your body, including bananas, apples in the morning, and cocoa almond butter! Slowly, your taste buds will also begin to change as you aren't feeding your body so much sugar and processed foods.

5. Don't give up on yourself after a day of big meals or dessert! It's all about balance, and it is about developing healthy habits that you hold yourself accountable to over the long term.

6. Step off the scale! Muscle weighs more than fat does, so as we exercise and eat healthy, we might actually stay the same weight. And remember to drink lots of water! (much of our body weight is water, but drinking more water actually helps in weight loss.)

Every body shape is different, so we'll focus more on feeling healthier, exercising more often, and eating more proteins (fish, chicken, beans, lentils, edamame), good fats (avocadoes, eggs, chia seeds, dark chocolate!), and fibrous veggies (kale, spinach, beets).

7. Get outside: We can still exercise in the winter! While it's not raining, get outside for a power walk, light jog, or bike ride. Check to see if your local pools are open for doing some laps! Or join an online PraiseMoves fitness class for cardio, strengthening, and flexibility at

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