Weekly Wellness Challenge #7: Sticking to New Goals!

How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions so far? I like to call them "Goals" instead, beause we can take small steps and work towards them with intention, instead of trying to bite off a huge chunk on January 1st and then giving up when we feel overwhelmed and defeated. We all know how hard it can be to actually stick to them!

My 3 new goals for this year:

-An emotional goal: turning off work-mode at 4:30 so I can focus on down-time, relaxing, and family.

-A spiritual goal: being more authentic like Christ, and "walking the talk", "practicing what I preach!" Looking for the good in everyone.

-A physical goal: completing my virtual running race! By breaking it into doable sections and taking the time my body needs to complete it.

Here are some tips to help you keep a strong, positive mindset and stay on track this year: 💪

1. Make your goals fun and exciting! (I've wanted to do a running race for a long time, and I'm so excited that I found a virtual mermaid day race from last year from Moon Joggers, that I'm able to do this year!) 😊

2. Remember WHY you set this specific goal...How does this benefit me currently and down the road? (Currently my running benefits me with stress relief, getting outside more in the winter, and increasing endurance. Long-term benefits include making running a hobby and keeping my body healthy for years to come!)

3. Turn your goals into habits with consistency... (Getting outside to run even if it's not the best weather.)

4. Journal your goals and progress! Doodle, choose a special goals journal, etc. (I'm also using the online running log with Moon Joggers.)

5. View your goals as a time to reflect, and recenter your priorities and values each week. Encourage yourself with positive self talk like "I'm getting stronger, and doing a great thing for my body!"

6. Take baby steps towards your goals, week by week. It doesn't have to be a giant challenge all at once! It's also the journey 💪 (I'm going to do this by breaking up my half marathon run into a few weeks)

7. Have an accountability partner or join a like minded online community... (There is a Facebook group for Moon Joggers!)

8. Set a goal that benefits someone else as well! (I love that my virtual running race supports Mercy Ships, which delivers life saving medical care to people in need. All of the races at virtualrunevents powered by Moon Joggers support different charities!)🙏

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