Weekly Wellness Challenge #8: Childhood Creativity!

On a rainy day a few weeks ago, I realized that my new art idea of making animal friendly paint and letting my bearded dragon, Cactus, run all over a canvas to make art, was not going to work... After a few failed attempts with her long nails and runny paint, I decided to make salt dough ornaments instead! It worked even better than I'd hoped.

I surprisingly discovered how relaxing and stress relieving it was, mixing and shaping dough. Such a good rainy day activity. And I think it's so important and therapeutic to embrace our "inner child" and have more fun with things without wondering what others might think, like jumping in puddles with rainboots on, molding dough, or doing a paint by number. What was your favourite childhood activity? Science has actually shown that it's healthy for us to relive our favourite childhood memories. Who knows, you'll probably end up inspiring someone else along the way!

I let Cactus press her tiny feet into the rolled out dough, then baked and air dried it, then painted it. You can even see her feet scales, which is so cool! She's pretty proud of her first art piece... Here's the link to make this super easy salt dough recipe: (You can either bake your pieces in the oven or let air dry for a few days before painting them, or add kool aid for colour while you're mixing the dough!)

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